Checkpoint Flashback: Animal Companions

Posted on September 3, 2017

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heckpoint Flashback is a new podcast, where we go back in time to bring you some wonderful content from yester-year! With three years of radio under our belt, we hope that new listeners enjoy these snippets of the show in its earlier days. Next up… remember when the Checkpoint team discussed all of the animal companions that have stood out in video game history, including whether they work or don’t? “This week on the show, Luke and Archer are up in Sydney to take part in GX Australia, so Kev, Viv and Fin talk all about animal companions in video games! There’s so many to choose from, but with more recent games like Fallout 4 bringing them well into the spotlight with the likes of Dogmeat, we thought this would be a perfect time to reflect on some of our favourite companions, what they are useful for and in some cases question whether or not they are actually useful at all!”

Your hosts:

Vivienne Wright

Vivienne Wright


Artist, creator, streamer and chaos bean, Vava is always laughing and rarely pessimistic. You can usually spot them playing Genshin Impact on Twitch weekly, dreaming up new worlds in D&D, consuming horror and fantasy content or sleeping in a blanket burrito.

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Finlay Gustus

Fin is into RPGs, strategy and anything online and competitive. When he's not gaming you'll find him catching up on the latest streams, TV shows and sleep

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