Checkpoint Intimates: The Loyalty Conversation

Posted on December 18, 2017

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Checkpoint Intimates is a weekly podcast where two members of the team go one-on-one on a topic that they both feel strongly about, talking in a more deeper and, yes, intimate context. This week on the show, Cameron and Kolby follow on from our console wars conversation to discuss the idea of console loyalty. When we’re kids it’s easy to get attached to a certain console or a certain brand, but some people still hang onto this as adults as well! Sometimes it’s even loyalty to brands that don’t make consoles any more, and then there is the nostalgia hype that companies like Nintendo have really tapped into with their old school audience. With some platforms having certain exclusive video games, it’s fair that people make a decision. But is brand loyalty still super relevant when so many titles end up being on multiple platforms! Are you super loyal to any specific consoles? Do you think there is a point in having brand loyalty? Do you have multiple consoles and don’t even care!?

Your hosts:

Cameron Honey-Swain

Cameron Honey-Swain

Cameron knows what he loves. Witches, animated ducks and a strong burly female protagonist. When he isn't effortlessly defending Dragon Age II he is bothering either his husband or one of his many fur children.

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Kolby James

Kolby James


Advocate for Sega. Fan of the 90s.

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