Up to Date: Defiance 2050, Captain Toad, Pool Panic and more.

Posted on July 17, 2018

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It’s time for your weekly update from the Checkpoint team with all the latest info you need to survive another week in the video games industry! Luke, Elliot, Kieren and Jason are on board to talk through our regular weekly segments, including Playing With Yourself, where we take you through the games we’ve been playing this week, including Defiance 2050, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, Earthfall and more. We also discuss what’s Coming Out over the next week, including Sonic Mania Plus, Mothergunship, Pool Panic and more. We also take you through the big news of the week, including Overwatch raising a tonne of money for charity, Splatoon 2 leader boards being hacked, The Culling 2 is a big fail, Warframe heading to the Nintendo Switch and much more! Also on this episode, Rach has been working on her best mushroom puns as she puzzles her way through her review of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo Switch! For all the latest updates as always, head to our official website at checkpointgaming.net.

Your hosts:

Luke Mitchell

Luke Mitchell


Luke spends his time making radio, playing video games, binge-watching TV, getting unreasonably invested in wrestling, hosting bear events and hanging out with his beautiful pets.

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Elliot Attard

Elliot Attard


Beer aficionado, PC gamer, TV show binge-watcher, music lover, and elite member of high society - Elliot possesses all of the qualities needed to project his word thoughts straight into your eye holes.

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Kieren Munn

A typical gaymer, I enjoy most RPG's, Platformers, and Fighting games. I started gaming early with Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat and Alex the Kidd on my Sega Mega Drive. This started a "healthy" obsession that has spanned 5 generations of consoles, and I won't be stopping anytime soon.

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Jason Ashman

I do gaming, writing about gaming, making games, collecting games... I'm sure I have other hobbies as well...

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