Ratchet & Clank

Reviewed May 7, 2016 on PS4




April 20, 2016


Sony Interactive Entertainment


Insomniac Games

Are you looking for adventure? Treasure? Space fights? Cheesy well executed one liner jokes and cute but fierce lead characters? Well Then! The brand spanking new Ratchet & Clank game on PS4 is for you! Yes, Ratchet is back again with his trusty robot buddy Clank, ready to become galactic rangers and save the galaxy from all kinds of…. bad stuff!

Most of us are familiar with Ratchet & Clank by now, and 14 years after its first instalment, they’ve gone back to the start with a hilarious and very well put together re-imagining of the first game to bring us Ratchet and Clanks origin stories.

This game serves both as a good reminder to why we all loved our furry lombax pal and his shiny sidekick and also as a way to introduce new players to the series, and if that’s you and this doesn’t get you hooked… then I dunno what will!

Everything you could hope for in a Ratchet and Clank game is here; colourful worlds, entertaining characters, fun and tricky puzzles, wacky and over the top weapons, lots of baddies to test out your arsenal on and puns!

This game is a whole bunch of fun, from the moment I started playing I couldn’t help myself from exclaiming out loud “Woah! Wow!” and laughing at the multiple crazy ways to dispose of enemies. Be it by your normal single shot lazer, a flame thrower, a disco ball shooter, a sheepinator, or my personal favourite; a gun that zaps enemies back into the retro land of 8-bit graphics, and there are many MANY more, you will never grow tired of zapping your enemies right in the face! And of course, if you run out of bullets, smack some sand sharks upside the head with ratchets wrench!

Ratchet and Clank wont disappoint the old die-hard fans as they have brought back all of your favourite activities from the previous games, like rail grinding with your grind boots, participating (and in my case dominating) in hover board races, jetpack flying, and space combat.

It was great to see all of this included and nothing left out… not only was it all there, but all of these features were updated to work well for Ratchet and Clank in this crazy new world of gaming! the main feature that I noticed the improvement in was the space combat, when you hop in your spaceship and take to the skies for those epic space battles, the last thing you want is an over complicated hard to control spaceship… this is not going to be a problem in here. The space fights are short, snappy, simple and enjoyable.

When it all comes down to it, Ratchet and Clank is a platformer, and a damn good one… because half way through the game, I forgot I was playing a platformer… even though the game was guiding me in the linear direction it wanted me to go in, it didn’t feel forced, it felt like I was being led gently through a field of daisy’s and splattered blarg heads.

” …it felt like I was being led gently through a field of daisy’s and splattered blarg heads.”

Ratchet and Clank sticks to the rules of all good platformers that we love, starting off fairly easy, in a nice green pretty planet, then as it progresses it gets a bit harder in a snowy level, and then it gets dark and gloomy as it got further on in the game and the difficulty… It was a very pleasant surprise to me, that this didn’t bother me at all, it didn’t feel forced because I was too busy having too much fun smashing everything and shooting everything and jumping everywhere to notice.

Once you go through the story of the game, you can’t help but go back through every level to make sure you’ve completed every goal and collected every collectible there is… and instead of just being rewarded by “oh yay you’ve done it all” you also get some nice little unlocks in the forms of masks that you can have Ratchet wear, or different colour or effect filters for the screen, so you can make the game play in sepia tone, or more gritty and action hero-ish.


  • Guns! Spaceships! Guns and Spaceships!
  • Super well written story and script
  • Stunning visuals


  • Not enough Clank moments
  • Some puzzles become tedious

To be honest this review was a lot harder to put together than I thought it would be, only because I didn’t want to put the game down to write this. I just wanted to keep playing! I’m pretty certain that if any of you pick up this game, you will feel the same.

Ratchet and Clank is a big mic drop to the world of gaming, letting them know that platformers are still very much alive and very much kicking serious tail.