Homefront: The Revolution

Reviewed June 17, 2016 on PS4


Xbox One, PS4, PC


May 20, 2016


Deep Silver


Deep Silver

Not quite a sequel to the first; Homefront: The Revolution serves as more of a reboot. The problem is… was anybody asking for one? Now,  I know I sound sour, but when I heard that this game was being made I actually was quite excited.

The game did have a lot of problems from the get-go though, with THQ filing for bankruptcy and handing over the reigns to Crytek, who then decided they would completely change the game, from a linear format to open world. but then they had some financial issues and sold it to Koch… who are basically Deep Silver’s daddy’s.

So the game got off on a pretty bad foot and unfortunately for the revolutionaries, it never recovered. The game shipped out full of bugs and annoying game-breakers. Now, sometimes bugs just add to the charm of the game experience… sure they can be a tiny bit annoying, but there are usually heaps of upsides to make up see past the few shortcomings. Homefront: The Revolution just… nope, does not do that.

Just some of the troubles on the list are: freezing every time you speak to the gunsmith or go to a gun locker, freezing at every auto save, leaving you unsure if you’re about to cop a bullet to the head and then wait through an excruciating loading screen again. Every time you die, your in game mobile phones message all come through again so you have to go in and read them again. Humongous drops in frame rate… so bad that when you’re climbing a ledge you will just appear up the top.

The list of what is wrong with this game is just too long, I can’t even go through them all.

“It’s almost like they were sick of working on it so they just brought it out unfinished.”

It’s almost like they were sick of working on it so they just brought it out unfinished. So because I believe that is what happened, I chose to not finish the game. OK, I’m being childish, but it’s because i’m hurt… I wanted this game to be good! I wanted it to be fun! But it’s just not. It felt like a chore to play.

At first look, I thought the game was really nice to look at, but then I realised why there was so much up close detail… it’s because the field of vision was suuuuuper short. Cast your mind back to Morrowind, the 3rd Elder Scrolls installment on the original Xbox… that had better field of vision.

There’s nothing about this game that jumps out at me and makes me want to play it more. I found every time I was turning it off was out of frustration at a game break, not because i had played enough.

The story… well it was a story. Unified Korea now sell all of their guns and electronics to the US and then one day decide to turn them all off with a backdoor switch they have on everything, and you fight as a revolutionary against the Korean occupation called the KPA annnnd that’s about all you get.

The gameplay doesn’t make that much sense either. You start off in a linear type area where you have to go from point A to point B, then you’re in a massive open world area where you can take over strongholds in an underwhelming manner, then you’re back in a pretty liner area again where you just have to destroy KPA property or kill soldiers to raise morale…. and it kind of goes on like this.

The one part I was really looking forward to about this game was the soundtrack; the first Homefront had a great soundtrack full of new metal/punk bands covering old metal/punk bands.. Do you think this one had anything like that? You guessed it. NO!


  • Gun customisation is a little neat.
  • The headshot sound is satisfying... Yeah, I'm reaching


  • BROKEN. Unfinished and frustrating.
  • The open world is small, constricting and feels like a mistake.
  • Killing foes is just not satisfying because it feels so awkward.
  • The story isn't really present throughout.

All in all, Homefront: The Revolution is incomplete, broken, buggy mess and I can confidently say it is literally the worst game I have ever played.