World Of Warcraft: Legion Review

Reviewed September 19, 2016 on PC




August 30, 2016


Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard Entertainment

World Of Warcraft is a gigantic monolith that has cast its shadow over the world of MMO’s. No MMO has ever really come as close to the sheer scale and impressiveness of Blizzard’s monster open world fantasy online role player. In saying that, its understandable that in its 12 years, it was going to suffer a little bit. I’ve been worried for WoW for a while now. I’ve felt like its been suffering; the last few expansions really didnt do much for me, even with the recent Warlords of Draenor expansion it felt more single player focused which is kind of odd for an MMO?

But Legion is here to save the day! World of Warcraft is back and at the best it has been for years. Legion brings with it so much new content, most of it is focused heavily in the new questing area The Broken Isles which is broken up into 5 zones, which you can quest through in pretty much any order you please. Blizzard have now implimented level scaling, making WoW a truly open world. This is great because it lets you play along with friends who have made it a little further in the game than you have without having your face murdered off and relying on them for “rez pls”.

Along with having a bit more diversity in the style of questing, yes you still have a lot of kill and collect quests, but there are a lot more world interaction styled quests, puzzles and even racing quests. Which really makes doing 500+ quests to reach max level fun and not as grindy as it used to be.

A big part of the game that you will sink a lot of time into is working on your artifact weapon. This is basically Blizzards first successful attempt at making class-relevant content that is interesting and meaningful. You’ll have to do a few quests to pick up your class spec weapon, but once you do grab it, it feels pretty exciting to finally be able to wield a weapon that has been such a big part of the lore. Like Thrall’s Doomhammer, Bronzebeards Ashbringer or Talanas’ Bow, Thas’dorah. you basically need to level these up by gaining artifact power items as rewards from quests, dungeons, raids and encounters, which then lets you unlock extra traits and passive skills for your character. There are also vanity customisations so you don’t have 500 enhancement spec shamans with the same looking Doomhammer standing around.

One of the most highly anticipated features of Legion was the new high level hero class, the Demonhunter! The Demonhunters harness the powers of fel magic and chaos to smash their demonic enemies to pieces. They are easily one of the funnest classes to play right now and almost make you forget that you’re playing a tab targeting based game because their skills are so action packed. Their skills revolve heavily around hacking, slashing and dashing around the battlefield and even transforming into demons themselves to deliver devastating attacks including a powerful eye-beam zapper! The Demonhunters are limited to the elf races, so either blood elves or night elves.

A big theme that features heavily in basically every MMO is grinding, which is still present in the Legion expansion, except they’ve found a way to make it less repetitive. It’s quite fun actually, lots of world quests which feel like they’ve come straight over from Diablo 3 and they pretty much replace daily quests because they just don’t feel as forced or overwhelming anymore. And the end zone in the broken isles of Surumah just feels like Blizzard went ham with experimenting with questing and is a really exciting look into the future of WoW.

“Oh and the dungeons! they’re still super fun, but now they’re relevant… for… well, the foreseeable future.”

Oh and the dungeons! They’re still super fun, but now they’re relevant for… well, the forseeable future. So there is still your normal, heroic and mythic dungeon difficulties, but now there is Mythic plus, which basically just ups the difficulty and just keeps getting harder untill you can’t make it through anymore, adding features like debuffs, hordes of enemies and even exploding corpses, another feature that feels like its been pulled straight from Diablo 3.

Legion has really upped the quality of WoW. The visuals are beautiful, the soundscapes, music and voice acting are super impressive and the lore is super immersive. I found myself really starting to care about the characters in the game again for the first time in maybe about 8 years. I even almost shed a tear during a cutscene because it was so well done and just had me drawn so deeply into the story.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Level scaling opens the world up
  • Endless gameplay opportunities


  • Demonhunters restricted to elves.
  • Warlords of Draenor now feels moot.

Legion for me is super dangerous! I’m having more fun with World of Warcraft than I have for about 8 years. I feel like I can fall right back into my WoW routine and I like it a lot. I have so much more to say, but I also have so many more demons to go and punch in the face and/or nether-regions. So I’ll leave you with this: I love Legion. Legion is great…for now… I’m really hopeful it can keep it’ momentum and stay this great because I want to stay in Azeroth forever. You have lost Ronnie.