NBA 2K17

Reviewed October 5, 2016 on PS4


Xbox One, , PS4, , PC


September 16, 2016


2K Sports


Visual Concepts

NBA2K17 oozes realness and it’s very clear that it’s a game put together by a team that are passionate and that live and breathe basketball. So much work has gone into this years installment in the series, right through from the detailed animation of the NBA stars to the fluid ease of movement allowing you to dash around the court and get stuck into thumping your rivals.

Every time I play NBA2K I jump into the MyCareer mode first. This years one thankfully is a huge step up from last years version. The structure is much the same as previous years; you create your custom player, play a few college games and then get drafted into the NBA and go on to become one of the greats by playing games and enhancing your attributes.

This is all done via a calendar, which splits up your time between solo workouts, games, hanging with friends & team mates and sponsor meetings. Some of these can be skipped or simulated, others can’t, and it does feel like the game really wants you to do as much as possible. The biggest change in how this works in 2K17 is that you now get clashes in your schedule; for example, going to a movie premier may clash with a team practice. This makes you choose which is more valuable to you: more fans and money or more playing time and a good relationship with your coach.

Going in the gym for those solo workouts feel like they mean more now too, because team members will come along and run drills with you, randomly rewarding you in attribute boosts. It’s a nice way to make the grind for attribute points feel a bit more organic.

Although the story has a few lame moments, it really is a massive step up from last years disastrous attempt at going with a big name director and throwing his name around everywhere, which was cringe city.

A great new addition to the MyLeague mode is the option to add extension teams, which allows you to add up to 6 extra teams to the league. You can pick from some already loaded preset teams or fully customise your own. Be warned though: if you choose to customise your own, you will be stuck customising for ages, tweaking everything from jerseys, to arenas, to sounds that play when the home team dunks. Thankfully, this was executed very well and doesn’t feel anywhere near as painful or long-winded as it sounds.

“NBA2k17 has definitely come out on top as far as sporting games mechanics go… Everything about this game feels amazing!”

NBA2k17 has definitely come out on top as far as sporting games mechanics go, making moving the ball around the court feel fluid and smooth. They have truly captured the wow factor of dunks and big three point shots and the celebrations that come with them. NBA2K17 comes with so many options for your choice of ways to play; you can either shoot with just the shoot button, or pull back on the right stick, same goes for stealing directions. It feels good when you launch a shot, block a shot, steal the ball or make a dunk. Everything about this game feels amazing.

The game also looks absolutely stunning as well. Some of the bigger name stars like Lebron, Rose and Paul George have definitely gained some extra attention in the animation department, as they look noticeably more lifelike then some of the lesser name players, but even then, those players still look great too.

NBA2k17 exceeds where other sport titles just scrape in, making the controls feel real whilst easy to execute. It boasts so much fun content where everything feels incredibly fun to play, interesting and super immersive game modes and beautiful visuals. Now if someone could just show me how to perfectly execute an ally-oop then I can say this game is perfect.


  • Great controls
  • Smooth and exciting gameplay
  • Innovative AI mechanics


  • A bit glitchy at times
  • Cheesy story mode
  • Repetitive

NBA 2k17 is fun, exciting and really puts you in with the action. It looks great and feels greater, It’s the ideal Sporting simulator for anyone who is a fan of sporting sims or even just the NBA in general.