Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review – Bright, colourful, and hilarious

Reviewed April 4, 2020 on PC


Xbox One, PS4, PC, Android, Nintendo Switch


April 1, 2020




We're Five Games

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a physics game developed by We’re Five Games and published by tinyBuild. Playing as a character working for a delivery company, it’s your job to deliver as many packages as possible without damaging or losing them. You can play the game alone, as well as online with up to three additional friends.

The premise of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is simple: pick up a package at one of the many delivery machines on the map and deliver it to a different location. Sometimes you can only reach your delivery destination using one of the game’s unique vehicles, and other times you’ll have to collaborate with friends to make sure you can deliver a package without wrecking it completely. The faster you can deliver your package, and the better its condition, the more points you receive when your delivery is complete. There are about one hundred and thirty deliveries to make in the game, and for each completed delivery you’ll get awarded either a gold, silver, or bronze achievement. The more deliveries you complete, the more vehicles and cosmetics you can unlock for your character.

While the premise of Totally Reliable Delivery Service is straightforward, its simple controls are dangerously deceptive. With two keys to grab onto levers or lift boxes and an option to jump and roll, it’s easy to get used to the game’s controls but hard to use them effectively. Similarly to other physics games like Human Fall Flat, the wobbly avatars in Totally Reliable Delivery Service move slowly and clumsily, and a simple act like lifting up a box and trying to walk at the same time results in some hilarious moments of slapstick humour.

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Perhaps these moments of hilarity contributed to the fact that I found the game much more enjoyable when I was playing it with friends. I first tested out the game on my own and, while I found it entertaining, it quickly became clear to me that it’s much more fun to share the laughter with others (not to mention the fact that some of the deliveries are significantly harder to complete on your own). When driving a vehicle, for example, it only takes one wrong move to topple it over and send your package flying. Needless to say, if you have a friend who’s sitting in the back holding on to your precious package, there’s a lot more chance of it reaching its destination in one piece.

Many of the game’s deliveries are set up like puzzles and some obstacles can only be overcome by using a specific vehicle. The deliveries varied in difficulty; while some deliveries will have you walking a few hundred metres down a hill before depositing your package, others require you to use a jetpack to deliver your package to an airship floating in the sky. In addition to the many terrains available, I was impressed by the variety when it came to in-game vehicles and obstacles; the game doesn’t just feature cars and forklifts, but also includes air balloons, helicopters, airships, and more. I found this to be a great way to keep things interesting and add more complexity to the game’s otherwise simple mechanics, as each vehicle requires a slightly different way of steering in order drive or fly it well.

“Totally Reliable Delivery Service’s ability to cater to different playstyles is clearly its biggest strength.”

While the game’s controls and the precarious balance of your avatar are responsible for a lot of the game’s fun, they also caused a lot of frustrating moments for me. Often, I found that my avatar got stuck in a vehicle or on a ledge. This could be extremely frustrating, especially when I was inches away from delivering a particularly complex delivery, only to get stuck underneath a forklift.

That said, there are absolutely no rules in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, and if you get tired of exploring one area on the map you can just move on to the next one. The game does not penalise players for not completing deliveries on time, dying, or wrecking vehicles. This was a good thing too, since I often abandoned deliveries entirely just to wander around the different areas on the map. Totally Reliable Delivery Service does a stellar job of including areas that will pique your interest, and keep you exploring as you go along. Each area has a completely different look and feel, as well as a unique fleet of vehicles. The possibilities to explore are endless; it always seemed to be the players’ shared curiosity that propelled things forward in the game, even when I played with people who had very different playstyles to mine.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service’s ability to cater to different playstyles is clearly its biggest strength. With its quirky soundtrack and its bright and inviting colour scheme, Totally Reliable Delivery Service allows a broad range of players to express themselves in a highly engaging way. While the game’s graphics might not be realistic or complex, Totally Reliable Delivery Service will easily capture your attention with its simple premise, making it the type of casual game you can come back to time and time again, no matter whether you’re playing solo or with friends.




  • Fun to play with friends
  • Lots of variety
  • Bright and colourful graphics
  • Caters to different playstyles


  • Controls sometimes feel clunky
  • Having your avatar get stuck can be frustrating

If you enjoy games like Human: Fall Flat and Goat Simulator and are looking for a casual game to play with friends and family, Totally Reliable Delivery Service will be a great fit for you.