October 2016

September 2016

EB Games Expo 2016 is here!

The EB Games Expo 2016 is on this weekend (Sep 30 – Oct 2) at the Sydney Showground, and the Checkpoint team will be there to get their hands on all the exclusive content. Read on


Everything we know about Horizon Zero Dawn

Does romping around a lush, post-apocalyptic, mechanical-dinosaur filled world as a lone survivor sound like your kind of game? Because it sounds like mine. Here is everything we know about Horizon Zero Dawn. Read on


World of Final Fantasy Hands-On

I spent almost as much time playing World of Final Fantasy as I did playing Final Fantasy XV at the Bandai Namco preview Luke and I attended, and I have to say, this title is going to give it's more serious sibling a good run for it's money. Read on


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Hands-On

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Premium Prologue was really just a taste of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 in which I played as Aqua trying to rebuild the bridge to the Castle of Dreams. In essence, a lot of the captured footage in the below E3 trailer was what I experienced firsthand. Read on