January 2017

ARMS Hands-On

Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have been my main goal at the recent Nintendo Switch event here in Melbourne, ARMS was most definitely next in line for me to get my hands (or should I say arms on). ARMS was one of two games at the event (1-2-Switch being the other) which truly showcased the potential of the Joy-Con controllers and the powerfully fun party aspect of the Nintendo Switch. While 1-2-Switch nicely settles into the Switch's equivalent to Wii Sports, you would assume ARMs would take the place of Wii Boxing. However, ARMS felt much more like someone took Punch-Out!, put it in a fluoro arena and gave everyone Slinkies for arms! Read on


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hands-On

I was incredibly fortunate this past week to be able to attend the recent Nintendo Switch preview event held right here in Melbourne with our very own Luke. From the get-go it was clear we both had the same one main objective: to get our hands on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Breath of the Wild area was set up with multiple Switch stations all displaying the game to play, some with different controller options available to use. Read on


1-2 Switch Hands-On

1-2 Switch, one of the few launch titles for the Nintendo Switch when the console arrives on March 3rd, is an attempt at showcasing the newest console with a range of party games, not unlike Wii Sports for the Wii and Nintendo Land for the Wii U. We had a chance to get our hands on several of the mini-games involved in the package this past weekend at the special Nintendo event here in Melbourne, and the results are a bit of a mixed bag. Read on


Nintendo Switch Hands-On

Friday saw the announcement we'd all been waiting for; firm details on the Nintendo Switch. A release date of March 3rd and an Australian RRP of $469.95 raised lots of questions, especially with large chunks of the presentation focusing on the Joy-Con controllers and their capabilities. On Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend a media preview to be able to test it out for ourselves; after a few hours of time spent with the consoles feature-set, we have a firmer opinion on whether or not it's worth investing in. Read on


Kickstart Your Engines – December 2016

Crowd-funding's biggest and most successful gaming projects to emerge out of December 2016. It's the end of the year and we always want to go out with a bang. Check out the cream of the crop for December as we wrap up a big year of crowd-funded games. Read on

December 2016

Everything we know about For Honor

Here's what you probably already know: For Honor is a third-person melee combat game that features intense battles between Vikings, Knights and Samurai. Since the game was initially announced at E3 2015 I've been chomping at the bit to know more; with a firm release date of February 14th, things are really coming together for the new IP and it's feeling like more of a must-play with each update. I even have managed to get my hands on it a couple of times to play it for myself - so with that in mind, let's get stuck into everything we know about For Honor. Read on


12 Days of Gamesmas: Festive themes to celebrate the season with

Get pumped Aussies, it's Christmas time! (and Holiday time for those of us who do not celebrate Christmas). We may not live in a cold climate like our American and European friends do, but we still enjoy the festive spirit December brings us. When we're not splashing around in the sprinklers or watching the third re-run of Die Hard, we will be testing out our new gifts. For some of us, that means setting up a new console and loading up some new games! Read on


NieR: Automata Hands-On

From the makers of the obscure PS3 title NieR comes the next instalment in the Drakengard series, NieR: Automata. Continuing the story of the futuristic and distraught earth from the original game, NieR: Automata takes place some time after the fourth and final ending of NieR. Read on