October 2016

Watch Dogs 2 Eyes-On

Ubisoft had quite the bizarre little setup for Watch Dogs 2 at the EB Games Expo this year. With the game being scheduled for release on the November 15th I was expecting something playable to give people a real idea on what the new title is going to be like and how it's differing from the original, considering the lukewarm reaction of the gaming community to Watch Dog's launch. Read on


Dead Rising 4 Hands-On

Capcom's fan-favourite Dead Rising series bust from the grave with its fourth chapter, Dead Rising 4; which the Checkpoint crew got a hands-on feel at this year's EB Games Expo. Read on

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Hands-On

I've always like first person shooters; Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the game that got me back into gaming in my early twenties. Between the Xbox 360 and PC versions (yes, I had both, I loved it that much), I think I racked up around 500-600 hours. Read on


EVE Valkyrie Hands-On

As someone who previously spent a considerable amount of time playing EVE Online, the demo was the perfect combination of every dynamic element I wasn't getting from the MMO. It was as fast paced as the above trailer, immersive to a whole new level, and was the most crisp out of all of the VR game I played at the Expo. Read on


September 2016

EB Games Expo 2016 is here!

The EB Games Expo 2016 is on this weekend (Sep 30 – Oct 2) at the Sydney Showground, and the Checkpoint team will be there to get their hands on all the exclusive content. Read on


Everything we know about Horizon Zero Dawn

Does romping around a lush, post-apocalyptic, mechanical-dinosaur filled world as a lone survivor sound like your kind of game? Because it sounds like mine. Here is everything we know about Horizon Zero Dawn. Read on