EA E3 2017 Predictions

Posted on June 7, 2017

EA has been releasing hit games longer than I’ve been alive, that’s a scary thought. With that many years under their belt they are a company that has definitely come to terms with how to really make sure everyone is paying attention to their latest release. In the last year we’ve seen some great successes in Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. While other games have had commercial success, they’ve been met with a large amount of negativity, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda.

One thing you can always count on from EA is their continuous releases from the EA Sports range that has always had an impassioned following. Last year we saw FIFA 17 release a brand new story mode that was a surprise hit. Regardless though, EA continues to be met with criticism regarding their DLC releases, rushed demands on developers, and reliance on online connectivity in single player experiences.

Heading into E3 for 2017 there are a few things we already know to expect as they open the event and a few that we are hoping to be surprised by. So let’s take a closer look.

What we know

Let’s pull the band-aid off right at the beginning, be ready for sports. It is almost a certainty we’ll see the next instalments of FIFA, Madden, NBA LiveUFC and so on. What will be the most interesting thing out of these announcements will be if we see any advancement on the previously mentioned story-based Journey mode which was a genuinely enjoyable addition to a genre that hadn’t seen any huge leaps and bounds in ideas for some time.

“At EA Play, you’ll be able to watch the first-ever live gameplay reveal of Star Wars Battlefront II, featuring livestream of 40-player gameplay set during the Assault on Theed – one of the new multiplayer battles from the prequel trilogy”

In a press release, EA have already revealed that Battlefront II will be viewable at the event. They stated, “At EA Play, you’ll be able to watch the first-ever live gameplay reveal of Star Wars Battlefront II, featuring livestream of 40-player gameplay set during the Assault on Theed – one of the new multiplayer battles from the prequel trilogy”.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will recognised Theed as the capital of Naboo from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. The level will see the staple of 20 v 20 frantic multiplayer gameplay from its predecessor return as Clone Troops square off against the advancing droid army of the Separatists.

In addition to the multiplayer, hopefully we will also get some footage of the confirmed single player campaign. Especially after one of the largest complaints from the original was the oversight of an option for solo play.

As EA now move to an alternating release cycle between Battlefront and Battlefield it will also be interesting what strategy they have taken regarding their DLC release schedule. While the DLC of the original was questioned, it can’t be denied that it aided the game’s lifespan in the online community.

While speaking on DLC and Battlefield, we’ll most likely be seeing more information on the teased expansion, In the Name of Tzar. So far, all we know about this addition is that it will have a Russian focus but will also introduce the Russian Scout — a badass female soldier from the very real 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death lead by Maria Leontevna “Yashka” Bochkareva during World War 1. Right now we only have images to go by so here’s hoping for some gameplay of this A+ addition.

Another title that is all tease and no gameplay, that we are certain EA will be showing off, is their brand new Need for Speed title, Need for Speed: Payback. Only recently announced, the title is said to give you control of three characters as they take on criminal cartel, “The House”. With a focus on blockbuster story telling and off road racing it looks to be a departure from their 2015 release.

Now while all of these announcements are exciting and were all essentially confirmed back in March on this blog post, it was also teased that “This isn’t all, by the way…and we’ll have more to share in the coming months.” So now let’s have a look at…

What we hope

Straight out the gate it’s been no secret that a branch of Bioware has been working on a new IP. The most exciting thing about this is that Bioware Edmonton, the team that created the original Mass Effect trilogy, are leading the project. Right now we only have bits and pieces of news including a delay past 2018, three cryptic live action teasers, and reports of Destiny style online gameplay. While the supposed delay may make its inclusion unlikely, I’d love to have something concrete to lose my mind over as the Dragon Age game in the works surely won’t be ready just yet, and Bioware could use a win right about now.

At the 2016 E3 event, EA announced that developers Visceral and Respawn, of Dead Space and Titanfall fame respectively, would be working on new Star Wars titles. After Star Wars 1313 was cancelled due to LucasArts closing down I have been excited for a  non-Jedi focused title, which hopefully we will see.

And while we touch on Visceral, with Resident Evil proving it’s never too late to inject new life into your franchise, perhaps Dead Space could get a little love Alien: Isolation style — because god knows I’m not afraid of the dark enough.

As EA will be showing off Sims: Mobile, I highly doubt we’ll see a Sims 5 just yet, and it may take a little longer before EA recovers from the Sim City  debacle of 2013 — but maybe four years is long enough to lick their wounds? Regardless, as this is the first year that EA Play will be open to the public, I’m sure they’ll try to put their best foot forward so that no one forgets them once everyone else has had a chance to present.

Hell, who knows, maybe they’ll finally release that cancelled 2015 Miss Universe game — I kid you not. (Editor’s Note: I would totally play this )

EA’s E3 press conference will take place Sunday June 11 at 5:00am AEST which is Saturday June 10 at 12 PM PT