Coming Out in Gaming This Week — March 9, 2020

Posted on March 8, 2020

Each week there are plenty of new games coming out. Although with so much going on it can be hard to keep track of them all. Thankfully Checkpoint is here to sift through them all and bring you our highlights of the week.

So let’s jump in and have a look at what’s coming out this week.


Langrisser I & II

Date (Aus): 10/03/2020
Turn-Based Tactics / RPG
Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

“Both Langrisser I & II have returned with their classic stories of good and evil, complete with beautiful high-definition visuals, reorchestrated music, and quality-of-life improvements to the classic gameplay that made these strategy RPGs truly LEGENDARY.”

“Langrisser I: Follow the story of Ledin, a young prince whose home was invaded by the Dalsis Empire seeking to conquer the land. He’ll have to confront his rival Lance and the Kaiser to reclaim his homeland and the Sacred Sword Langrisser. However, both sides will be observed closely by the watchful eyes of the darkness. The fate of Langrisser, Baldea, and the entire continent of El Sallia will be determined by the choices you make.”

“Langrisser II: Elwin is a wanderer who finds himself caught in between the Descendants of Light, the army of darkness, and the Rayguard Empire in a battle for the Sacred Sword Langrisser and the Cursed Sword Alhazard. Which side will you join? Which will you deem worthy of the legendary swords, and consequently, the right to rule El Sallia itself?” – [source]

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Date (Aus): 11/03/2020
Metroidvania / Platformer
Platforms: PC, Xbox One

“Embark on a new journey in a vast, exotic world where you’ll encounter towering enemies and challenging puzzles on your quest to unravel Ori’s destiny.”

“The little spirit Ori is no stranger to peril, but when a fateful flight puts the owlet Ku in harm’s way, it will take more than bravery to bring a family back together, heal a broken land, and discover Ori’s true destiny. From the creators of the acclaimed action-platformer Ori and the Blind Forest comes the highly anticipated sequel. Embark on an all-new adventure in a vast world filled with new friends and foes that come to life in stunning, hand-painted artwork. Set to a fully orchestrated original score, Ori and the Will of the Wisps continues the Moon Studios tradition of tightly crafted platforming action and deeply emotional storytelling. – [source]

Kana Quest

Date (Aus): 12/03/2020
Puzzle / Education
Platforms: PC

“A Kawaii Kana Match-Em Up. Learn Japanese. Match Kana (Japanese letters) with their sounds. Solve Puzzles.Your quest to learn Japanese starts now!”

“Are you sick of educational games that are glorified pop-quizzes? Do you just want to play an awesome game and have a new real world skill at the end of it? Do you want to learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana? Well then, Kana Quest is for you! – [source]

Nioh 2

Date (Aus): 13/03/2020
Action RPG
Platforms: PS4

“Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior, in this challenging action RPG sequel.”

“Explore violent Sengoku-era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, both plagued with grotesque, merciless demons.”

“Unsheathe your deadly weapons and cut down all enemies in your path using a revamped combat system and the ability to transform into a full Yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers.” – [source]

My Hero One’s Justice 2

Date (Aus): 13/03/2020
Arena Fighter
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

“MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2, the over-the-top follow-up to the smash hit 3D arena fighter MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE, makes its heroic debut! Make full use of characters’ Quirks as you clash head-to-head in epic battles across huge arenas!” – [source]

Hidden Through Time

Date (Aus): 13/03/2020
Hidden Object
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Hidden Through Time is a game of hide and seek with objects scattered throughout the wonderful history of our world. Use cryptic hints to discover every secret as you explore the colourful hand drawn levels.
Find enough objects to advance to the next stage, and make your way through all four great ages.”

“Still desire more or wish to unleash your creativity? Our map editor is available to anyone, allowing you to create your very own levels and share them on our cloud! Here you can also discover, play and rate levels made by other creators from all around the world! So join Clicky on his wondrous adventure in Hidden Through Time!” – [source]

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since the world was first staggered by the release of Ori and the Blind Forest. Such a captivating and beautiful game with such tight platforming and picturesque visuals. How could Moon Studios possibly follow up and expand on what is now a classic game? Honestly, it looks like they’ve found a way.

All reports suggest that Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a bigger and better experience than anything we could have imagined. A bigger world, longer play time, more advanced combat, new mechanics and a more fully realised Metroidvania experience. Can it be as good as it sounds? only time will tell. But I’m certainly optimistic.

What new titles are you most excited for this week? Be sure to let us know!

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