EPOS H6PRO Headset aids in upping my audio game

Posted on April 12, 2022

I’m certainly the type to hold onto technology until they are absolutely on their last legs. My current headset is well on its way out. So, when I got the opportunity to check out the EPOS H6PRO Headset, I jumped at the chance. Knowing just how much EPOS as an audio brand has been growing over time left me excited to see one of their latest offerings. The EPOS H6PRO Headset, one of the newer makes, is what I got my mitts on, upping my audio game immensely.

Settle in for a cosy session with high-quality output

Immediately it became clear the closed acoustic version of the H6PRO was a more beneficial model for my day to day gaming life. What this results in is ear cups that nestle quite nicely, blocking out any unnecessary and dastardly environmental distractions. No more being distracted by the hum of my PC or footsteps down the hall. Now, I can focus on my two favourite things to do on any given night: playing games and chatting away the hours with my friends online. Thankfully, the memory foam ear cups provide ample comfort for those long sessions. There’s room for some potential wear and tear here, ruining that slick aesthetic, but I’m not typically the type to show off my hardware anyway.

I will provide slight caution to potential buyers. Play any given game with a friend in voice chat, and there will be a slight bit of audio bleed from the headset. Jumping into atmospheric action games like the recent Ghostwire Toyko or Elden Ring, my friends coyly indicated they were clued into my gaming ongoings. It was never enough to make those late-night Discord calls unbearable, but it is at least noticeable. This likely comes from the positioning of the H6PRO’s boom mic arm. The optimal placing is close enough that you’ll never sound far from your mic, but not so close you’ll find yourself incidentally brushing up against it.

The microphone quality on the EPOS H6PRO Headset is near crystal clear. Friends were quick to report this when first testing it out. Not entirely convinced, I had to recruit my partner to enter a private voice chat with me, using the headset. It was exciting. Forever used to having to grapple with and tweak settings just to have a smooth voice session, it was a refreshing change for no setup needed. Just plug in the 3.5mm cords to both the microphone and audio jacks and go nuts. If you were to ask me if this makes the small audio bleed discrepancy worth it, it definitely does.

Versatility is the name of the game with the EPOS H6PRO. Users can at any time attach or reattach the boom microphone arm, allowing for more portable use. More options are always something I find entirely welcome in a headset.

Little compromise in audio

When it comes to audio quality with the EPOS H6PRO Headset, I was really appreciative of the design philosophy taken. So many headsets I’ve used over the years prioritise audio volume over clarity. The case here is that no matter how loud I set this up to be, the headset was never blasting my drums, providing some of the clearest audio I’ve had in some time. Rarely do I play hyper-competitive, twitch reaction games. Considering this, I can’t exactly speak to the small intricacies such as a gunshot from a nearby alley or a nearing footstep here or there. Still, the atmosphere provided with this set is mesmerising. Wandering around Ghostwire Tokyo’s streets of Shibuya felt more immersive and rich, hearing visceral yokai screeches in my immediate vicinity.

I’m so ecstatic at this balance of comfort and quality. My personal experience with previous headsets is that at the very least either the strength of the input or output comes at the cost of the other. That is simply just not the case here.

The EPOS H6PRO Headset comes in a series of colours in white, black, or olive green. Depending on your needs, you can get the device either closed acoustic (like myself) for soundproofing or open acoustic. Bundled with the product is a cable for PC and one for console or mobile use.

With the EPOS H6PRO Headset, I’ve found my new go-to for audio gaming gear. On offer is a pretty stellar product, coming with a high recommendation from myself if you’re after an upgrade. The headset is available now for $259AUD. You can find out more about the series here.