10 wild indie games to play this November 2022

Posted on November 4, 2022

Jingle bells, jingle bells. No, it’s not December just yet… but I bet you had to think about it for a second! Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s a pretty popping month for the indie games… so much to play!

Some local releases were announced too late to make last month’s roundup, so we’ve squeezed them into this one! And on that note, don’t forget, there’s an event happening in Cult Of The Lamb until the 10th of November. If you have the game, jump in and check on your cult and earn all the treats before they disappear!

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County

Developer: Grace Bruxner, Thomas Bowker

Release Date: October 27th

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Adventure

“You’re a detective, and a frog, and it’s time to solve a mystery in the wild west.”

The Amazing Chicken Adventures

Developer: Piotr Rochala

Release Date: October 31st

Platforms:  PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Puzzle

“Start an adventure where gravity is your worst enemy & save the world one egg at a time! Featuring classical music, broken eggs, chicken-inappropriate tools, and mandatory funny hats.”

The Entrophy Centre

Developer: Stubby Games

Release Date: November 3rd

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Genre: Puzzle

“Think in reverse. Outsmart the impossible. A mind-bending first-person adventure where you solve ingenious and complex puzzles by rewinding objects through time.”

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home

Developer: Enjoy Studio S.A

Release Date: November 4th

Platforms:  PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Platformer

“The plot of the game is inspired by real events, when people began their conquest of space by sending animals to the stars. We intended it to be a kind of a tribute to all the animals that paved the way for humans to go into space. Most of these animals – the first astronauts, did not survive the journey. Our story tells of the adventures of a dog named Bea, who… managed to beat the odds.”

Ghost Song

Developer: Old Moon

Release Date: November 4rd

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action

“On the desolate moon of Lorian, a long-dormant Deadsuit awakens from slumber. Journey beneath the surface on an atmospheric 2D adventure of self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror. Explore winding caverns and acquire new abilities to unearth this alien world’s long-buried secrets.”

A Little To The Left

Developer: Max Inferno

Release Date: November 9th

Platforms:  PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Puzzle

“A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game that has you sort, stack, and organize household items into pleasing arrangements while you keep an eye out for a mischievous cat with an inclination for chaos. Check out this playful and intuitive puzzler with 75+ satisfying messes to tidy.”

Fabular: Once Upon A Spacetime

Developer: Spiritus Games

Release Date: November 11th

Platforms:  PC

Genre: Action

“Cross blades with space knights in an epic roguelike where the futuristic and the medieval collide! Battle, loot and upgrade your way across the galaxy, defeating rival ships in gripping melee combat on a quest to save your kingdom from destruction.”


Developer: A Grumpy Fox

Release Date: November 11th

Platforms:  PC, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Platformer

“Lunistice is a 3D Platformer created with simple & fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams!”

9 Years of Shadows

Developer: Halberd Studios

Release Date: November 14th

Platforms:  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action

“Fight to bring beautiful colors back to a hand-crafted world of darkness and discover the story of Europa, a young warrior, and her ghostly childhood companion, Apino.”

The Knight Witch

Developer: SuperMegaTeam

Release Date: November 30th

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Action

“The Knight Witch is a metroidvania adventure game with fast-paced, shoot ’em up combat set in a beautifully hand-drawn world. Cast devastating card-based spells, forge close bonds, and make moral choices all in your quest to save your home and discover who’s behind the War Golem invasion.”

So there you have it, indie game lovers…

These are just 10 of the new indie games we’ll be getting our hands on this month, let us know which one you’re most excited to play or if we missed any!