ASUS ROG releases its powerhouse line-up of 2023 laptops

Posted on March 31, 2023

Christmas has come early for those interested in powerful laptops with ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) showcasing their 2023 range of impressive gaming devices. We were lucky enough to experience the power of the new range first hand at the ROG Enter the Nebula event showcase in Sydney last week; here are some of the devices and specs that stood out to us amongst the 2023 line up!

Firstly, each of the six new laptops come with brand new CPUs, GPUs and brand new chips such as a 13th Gen processor from Intel, new AMD Ryzen Zen 4 and the e GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs from NVIDIA. 2023 sees the brand also bring more Nebula displays, their exclusive mini-LED tech screen, to eight more of its devices.

The devices also include ROG’s “Intelligent Cooling technology” as they are obviously aware of gaming laptops tendencies to overheat and therefore, not reach their full potential. To combat this, they have introduced Tri-Fan Technology which consists of a third fan that helps keep the GPU from overheating. Each range of laptops however have their own specs geared towards ASUS ROG’s aim to provide Aussie gamers with the best and most adaptable gaming experience. So lets take a closer look at three of ROG’s newest family members.

SROG Strix/ROG Strix SCAR –

The ROG Strix SCAR is the exemplar of the ROG line. It comes in a 16 and 18 inch and has a new chassis, extra thick heatsink and the Tri-Fan Technology along with Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal added to the CPU and GPU allowing maximum frame rates for both processors. It’s imperative that both the CPU and GPU have the ability to reach their full potential as they are both exemplary, powerful pieces of hardware.

The 13th Gen Intel Core™ i9 13980HX processor, with 8 Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores for uninterrupted, smooth gameplay, along with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU at 175 W could certainly provide the ultimate gaming experience. The Strix G16 can be configured with the NVIDIA GeForece RTX 4090 and is also armed with the Intel Core i9.

ROG Zephyrus

If you’re after a thinner, lighter machine than the SCAR range the Zephyrus may be the ROG device for you! This machine has been redesigned so that it can run 25 watts higher on last years model due to also being equipped with Tri-Fan Technology made up of 84-blade Arc Flow Fans. The 2023 Zephyrus M16 is also decked out with the AniMe LED lighting array. This is the first time a 16-inch has come with this feature and after seeing it up close, it is very impressive! You can adjust the lights on the front of your device to show a variety of different text, images and GIFs and more through the very adaptive program, the AniMe Matrix.

The system also boasts “contrast and detail never seen before on a gaming laptop.” This is made possible by the addition of 1,024 dimming zones, double the amount of last year’s model, meaning that colour and brightness are outstanding on the Zephyrus.

ROG Flow X13 

The Flow is about going with your flow and therefore is the device to look closer at if you want a laptop to game and work with. One of the most unique features of the Flow is how it can be so many devices in one. This is mainly due to the detachable mechanical keyboard and when the keyboard is attached, the very flexible kickstand. Therefore, the device can be manipulated into four different modes – tablet mode, tent mode, stand mode and the OG laptop mode. So, the device can be used as a tablet to stream the latest thing you’re watching, a laptop for work/school and of course, what we are all here for – a gaming laptop.

2023 upgrades include a bigger touchpad, up to an AMD Ryzen Zen 4 and NVIDIA GeForece RTX 4060 processors, plus 32 GB of ultrafast LPDDR5 RAM which makes the system 50% faster than the 2022 model. The chassis has also be redesigned with a battery capacity that has increased from 2022s 62wh to now being 75wh meaning that you can work and play for longer.

What I noticed at the ASUS ROG showcase is that the company really does listen to their customers and are all about making the strongest most adaptable products that can be flexible to different styles of work and play. These devices are some of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market at the moment, with the Strix/Strix SCAR and the Zephyrus available now where ever you buy gaming devices and the Flow to be released sometime in 2023.