Checkpoint returns to PAX Aus 2023 and here’s how you can get involved

Posted on September 27, 2023

The massive gaming convention, PAX Australia, is back for another year, taking over the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) for the period of Friday, October 6 to Sunday, October 8. Some of this year’s highlights involve Nintendo returning to the expo hall with Super Mario Wonder on show, as well as Bethesda helping PAX Aus celebrate its 10th year with painting and other festivities. Of course, always a highlight is the PAX Rising section with this year’s Indie Showcase winners looking absolutely stunning.

It’s with pleasure we also get to announce the return of Checkpoint Gaming to PAX Aus, as our team once again sets up a booth in the PAX Together Lounge and walks the expo halls, chatting with developers and playing games that we can share with our web and broadcast audiences.

Booth: Checkpoint Gaming on JOY

Time and place: All weekend long at the PAX Together Lounge (formerly the Diversity Lounge).

Description: The Checkpoint Gaming crew will be available for the full 3-day experience and can be found on level two of the expo hall, in the PAX Together Lounge. We’ll be there ready to share our experience and knowledge as radio presenters, writers, reviewers, and general games media people. As an LGBTQIA+ organisation, we know about the importance of diversity and inclusivity and are hoping to be able to bring that positive message to PAX Australia.

Stop by the Checkpoint Gaming booth if you want to say hello or if you’d like to find out more information about our operation, our website, and our broadcast partners JOY Media and the Community Radio Network. Stop by and chat with the team about how you can get involved in games writing/reviewing/broadcasting. Perhaps you’d like to join our team! Or, ask about the giveaway we’ll be running every day from the Checkpoint Gaming on JOY booth.

Giveaway: Checkpoint Gaming PAX Aus Giveaway

About: The Checkpoint Gaming booth will also be the place to go if you’d like to join in on our PAX Aus Giveaway featuring SteelSeries peripherals, video game codes and merch, as well as a free session for you and your mates to Zero Latency. 3 lucky winners will take home a Daily Prize, and 1 very lucky winner will take home the incredible Major Prize.

Major Prize Pack:

Daily Prize Pack (x3)

How to enter: Find the Checkpoint Gaming on JOY booth at PAX Aus to enter, or simply keep an eye out on our website or social media channels.

Checkpoint Gaming PAX Pins:

About: We’ll be selling custom-made raised enamel pins from the Checkpoint Gaming on JOY booth in The PAX Together Lounge.

Price: Our standard pin, featuring our slogan “a 1-up to diversity” will be sold for $10 per pin via eftpos (we won’t have cash payment options available). Alternatively, every $10+ subscriber on our Patreon is also welcome to collect a standard pin. Subscriber pins will be put aside for the individual to ensure stock does not run out. A premium pin, featuring a game controller, microphone, and pride flag will be sold for $20. Get in fast because stock is limited.


  • Standard pin ($10) – 30mm x 19.9mm, raised enamel, dye black plating finish, individually bagged, single clasp.
  • premium pin ($20) – 40mm x 39mm, raised enamel, silver plating finish, individually bagged in velvet pouch, double clasp.


If you want to get in contact with us ahead of PAX Australia because you’re interested in getting involved, would like to share your game/project with our team, have any questions, or are simply wanting to connect – please feel free to email [email protected]