November 2016

PAX AUS Indies 2016: Abi

Abi is the story about quite possibly the cutest tiny robot in any media since Wall-E. A heavily story-driven, 2D side-scrolling puzzle game, Abi is set in a world that used to be full of life. Read on


As soon as Luke and I picked up our controllers for CHROMA SHIFT, we were instantly dumbfounded about what we were doing and what the purposes of the game was. Little robots jumping around, falling off ledges , changing colors, dying, re-spawning... basically, we were a mess. But it didn't take long for us to find our feet. Read on

PAX AUS 2016: Final War TCG

Final War is a new TCG that has been developed and created right here in Australia that stands out from the crowd with some interesting play and mechanics. Wielding a 50 card play deck and drawing on fate (quite literally) every round, this was an awesome addition to PAX 2016. Read on


PAX AUS Indies 2016: Depth VR

Just watching sharks burst out of nowhere and rip a poor scuba diver in half on the main screen made me feel uneasy about trying Depth VR , but then again that's the kind of feeling developers Digital Confectioners are trying to achieve in delivering a suspenseful video game experience. Read on


PAX Australia 2016: LG Dire Wolves

the LG Dire Wolves are Australia's premier eLeague team, and luck for us they were in attendance PAX AUS 2016. I was lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with two members: Nathan 'Rippii' Mott and Lachlan 'Sybol' Civil. Read on


PAX AUS Indies 2016: Lost Castle

Lost Castle is an action packed 2D-dungeon crawler with tons of chibi charm. Offering a choice of single or two player co-op campaigns, this rogue-like RPG wants to kill you over and over, yet still make you want to come back for more. Read on


PAX AUS Indies 2016: Kept VR

Kept is an interactive experience that puts you in a magical yet dark world. Find out my thoughts after a hands-on demo with the game at PAX AUS. Read on

October 2016

A Beginners Guide to PAX

With PAX AUS just around the corner, many people are gearing up to attend what is Australia's biggest gaming convention. For a lot of us it will be a return to familiar sights, sounds and faces but for many it will be their first time attending. Read on


Dishonored 2 Hands-On

The draw of a game like Dishonored 2 is the fact that missions can be tackled any way you want. Whether it be via stealth, running in guns blazing or using your variety of cool powers at your disposal, there are many ways to skin a cat. So to speak. Cats are awesome, please treat them nicely. Not only are there options already, but here you get to play the game with one of two different characters; Corvo Attano, the protagonist from the first game, or Emily Kaldwin,Empress of the Empire of the Isles. Read on