“Completeness” over “development deadlines” for Capcom

Posted on May 17, 2016

I’m sure we can all remember Street Fighter V‘s abysmal launch. Even if you didn’t play it (or should I say, attempted to play it), you probably heard all about it’s horrible server issues and it’s general lack of content. For those of you who were personally affected by this, you may be pleased to know that Capcom intends to learn from its mistakes, says Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto.

Capcom plans on restructuring it’s development periods “for a small number of titles”, though there is no word on which titles this includes. They want to “prioritise completeness” over firm “development deadlines”, meaning that they are willing to delay the release of games in order to polish them to a higher standard.

Which, in my honest opinion, should be the general mindset for all game companies. I would rather wait a little longer for a better game than have a sub-par game earlier.

But what do you reckon? Are Capcom making a good choice, or is it too little too late? Check out our review of Street Fighter V and make your own decision!