More Division updates, more problems

Posted on May 26, 2016

It just seems like each patch for The Division is doing more bad than good, especially when it comes to the games reputation.

There were issues aplenty last month when the first incursion, Falcon Lost, along with some other game-changing updates were implemented. Characters went missing off of servers, there were bugs and glitches and exploits galore and it turned the Dark Zone into an unbalanced state of anarchy. The problems were so bad that Ubisoft ended up giving players Phoenix Credits – the games most sought-after endgame currency – as an apology.

Well, they might need to make some more apologies soon, as patch 1.2 (called ‘Conflict’) has been released with a new incursion and, unfortunately, more game breaking issues, according to Polygon.

Firstly, the biggest issue is that characters have started going missing again, for both Xbox One and PC players. This means that, at least for now, some players don’t have access to the character builds they have contributed hundreds of hours to. VG24/7 has reported that Ubisoft developers are already working on fixing this issue.

The new incursion, Clear Sky, is also not working as it should, with players reporting that it is endlessly restarting and teleporting players to back to the nearest safehouse rather than triggering at all. On top of this, new High Value Target missions are not triggering at all when they are supposed to, leaving plays frustrated when trying to gain the newest addition to currency, Intel.

Issues like these certainly aren’t inspiring players to stick around, and The Division has lost almost 60% of its PC audience in the last 30 days when you look at Steam stats. which is troubling, despite its initial warm reception. 

Are you still playing The Division? Have you encountered any of these bugs?