Sony’s PlayStation VR Showcase

Posted on June 14, 2016

The PlayStation VR showcase that we all knew was coming has finally landed on the Sony E3 press conference stage.  Details on the headset’s release date, price, specifications and more have been revealed but first we want to see what is most important, the games!

Farpoint was the first game revealed as part of the PSVR showcase.  It is a  first-person shooter developed by Impulse Gear, a new independent VR developer.

We also got to view a very tiny slither of a new Star Wars Battlefront VR mission.  Developed by Criterion Games and Dice and exclusive to PSVR it looks to be a small, experimental experience rather than an entire game.


Batman Arkham VR was also unveiled.  Developed by Rocksteady this exclusive PSVR title is projecting an October 2016 release although once again no actual game-play was revealed.  Whether or not this is a full game or a smaller, experimental title is still yet to be known.

Last but not least we also got to take a look at Final Fantasy XV VR Experience.  Developed by Capcom this mouthful of a title appears to be another short VR experience rather than a whole game but it could be interesting nonetheless.

Of course these won’t be the only titles available on Play Station VR but rather a small sampler.  Resident Evil VII has also been revealed already at E3 and will be playable in it’s entirety in PSVR.  In fact 50 titles will be available on PSVR between the devices release on October 13 and the end of the year.  The device is also available for pre-order for $549.95 AUD.