XCOM 2 coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Posted on June 8, 2016

According to XCOM’s Twitter, XCOM 2 will be making its way to appear on current-gen consoles, and has also received a release date expected to arrive early September.

Xcom 2 Tweet

Previously there were speculations that XCOM 2 would not be seen on the PS4 and Xbox One systems, however 2K Games have clarified that this will not be the case, and we will see XCOM 2’s appearance on both consoles.

Xcom 2

Pre-order’s are also said to be now available in either standard or digital copy through the 2K Store.

By pre-ordering customers are entitled to unlock the Resistance Warrior Pack, which includes additional soldier customisation, bonus outfits and accessories, as well as new XCOM recruit known as, “The Survivor of the Old War.”

The Digital Deluxe Edition of XCOM 2 includes the Reinforcement Pack as well as a collection of  three DLC packs:

  • ANARCHY’S CHILDREN: This rebellion-themed content pack introduces more than 100 new exotic customizations for the entire arsenal of armors available to your XCOM soldiers. These options are purely cosmetic and do not alter the stats of a soldier. (Available at launch)
  • ALIEN HUNTERS: Transform the soldiers of XCOM into an elite alien hunting squad with impressive new weapons and armor to face off against new alien Rulers that will pursue your squad across an entire campaign.  Additional cosmetic upgrades to soldiers and the Avenger are included, as well as a new epic mission where Central Officer Bradford leads a squad with the guidance of an old friend. (Available at launch)
  • SHEN’S LAST GIFT:Introduces a new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons, armor and customization features, and a new narrative-driven mission and map. (Available at launch)

North America is scheduled to receive the title on the 6th of September 2016 while the global launch date has been scheduled for the 9th of September 2016. For our review of XCOM 2 on PC, click here.  In the review, Tom said “…XCOM 2 is a perfect representation of what strategic gaming should be, and for those committed to the cause, a highly rewarding game experience.”