Beyond Good & Evil 2 director explains project delays

Posted on October 23, 2016

In a post on his Instagram, director of Beyond Good & Evil, Michel Ancel, explains that the sequel is still in underway and sheds some light on the delays that the series has experienced up until this point. As we learned a couple of weeks back, the game was back on and in pre-production, but now Ancel gives us a bit of an explanation as to what has taken so long.

“The game was playable with many prototypes . All videos were real-time but we had too many technical issues . We wanted planet exploration , space travel , cities … All this was also supposed to be in BGE 1 … Instead of not doing the game of our dreams , we decided to return to 2D , have fun with Rayman and go back at work for Beyond Good and Evil 2 . We still have loooooots of work but now the tech is ready and the team is fantastic!”  says Ancel.

This is sounds like excellent news! Despite delays caused by what appear to be entirely technical limitations in how the team wanted to fulfill their vision of the game, it’s still going ahead, and now with features that only the technology of today could offer. It’s still probably a couple of years off, but it will be great to see a return to this iconic series.