Fans to get their Pokémon art on in Melbourne

Posted on November 25, 2016

Australian fans have been out in force celebrating Pokémon’s 20th anniversary with Melbourne leading the charge with the nation’s largest video game launch last week, and now a dedicated art exhibition of Poké fan art!

ERIKA_Jaffy_Pen Markers
“Erika” – Jaffy (Pen and Markers)

So while artists are celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary in the UK, ArtBoy Gallery (99 Greville St, Prahran) is hosting “20 years of Pokémon” that opens this Friday 25th November at 6pm and runs until the 3rd December.  This exhibition features a variety of Pokémon fan art  in a variety of mediums, as well as chocolate Pokéballs available for sale and consumption!  (from caterer What Froggy Bakes)

CHINCHAU_Daniel Truscott_Oil Canvas
“Chinchau” – Daniel Truscott (oil on canvas)

So why is fan art so popular to gamers?

“It doesn’t matter if you are a doodler, scribbler, hobby or professional artist, everybody likes to draw or paint their favourite things and gaming characters enable the most fledgling artist the chance to fine-tune their skills.” said Marc Huntington (co-owner, ArtBoy Gallery) “Gaming has been part of pop culture for generations now with many characters cemented in history alongside superheroes and movie stars.  Pokémon are a great place to start if you wanted to start ‘arting’, as the gaming illustration is basic line work and colour.  Anyone can start arting by drawing a Pikachu and from there you can be more creative and level up your skills with the pen, brush or tablet.  But it’s really about passion. That’s what being a fan is. A burning desire to create or recreate something you have a passion for in your own artistic way.  Anyone can do it.  Everyone should!”

I will admit I am one of those fans with a passion for creating fan art, but  this passion also applies for gamers who just love to see (and buy) fan art.

GAME OVER THROWBACK_Tristan Tait_Lacquer Pigment Wood
“Game over throwback” – Tristan Tait (lacquer and pigment on wood)

Worried your time taking in art will take away from your important Pokégaming? Fear not, a little pidgey told me that two Poké stops will be available with active lures for those still obsessed with Pokémon GO, and of course I am sure there may be a Pokémon Sun and Moon battle or two.