New Game Plus Feature added to Dishonored 2

Posted on December 21, 2016

Bethesday yesterday announced that Dishonored 2’s first free game update is available world wide for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. What’s in it? A New Game Plus feature!

The New Game Plus feature is unlocked once you complete the game as either Emily or Corvo. What will make the new play-through somewhat omnipotent is the following:

  • Access to both sets of powers (Corvo’s and Emily’s)
  • Access to all Bonecharms you collected in your first (or second… or third… ) play-through
  • Access to all Runes collected already to reassign however you see fit

Dishonored 2_20161111101255

Luke and I had a great time playing this game and you can read more about our impressions in our full review here. What I love about this update, and the future updates planned for this game, are how they compliment the existing experience.  Having access to a plethora of powers early on will only increase the freedom of choice you have in obtaining items and fulfilling objectives. I’m also assuming that the Runes and Bonecharms you have already collected will be removed from the world as you play, which will save you time and in game currency in a few situations.

This update is certainly gearing me up for another play-through, as I’m sure it will for a lot of players, and is the perfect way to fill in any game gaps over the festive season!