There’s a Damsel that needs your assistance

Posted on February 18, 2017

Screwtape Studios is working with Equity Arcade, a Games Media Outlet that has launched a brand new equity crowdfunding platform recently, to get more support and funding for their upcoming arcade-style platformer, Damsel. It’s a fabulous looking game that we previewed at PAX AUS last year, turning stereotypes upside down, and is the first game to launch on Equity Arcade.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Equity Arcade is encouraging young gamers and game lovers to start investing in new games. For as little as US$25 you can invest in the revenue of new games, which we think is a pretty interesting way to invest in something that you’re passionate about. Check out this video with the developers to see what they are looking to do with your investment.

When we played Damsel, we said: “The art of this game is so detailed and engaging, seeming to take many of its inspirations from pop culture we love so much. When you draw so many nostalgic areas of our geeky history into not just the art, but the music as well, it creates a feeling of community with the developers themselves. I felt so at home there with the Damsel crew at PAX, they were all just as excited about the game as the convention goers were, and having that much passion shines through so vibrantly in their work on Damsel.”

Watch the video below or head to Equity Arcade to find out more information about this new way of investing.  Damsel is made up of 120 bite-sized missions across 15 stunning locations, where you’ll rescue hostages, hack computers, decommission vampire tech, and of course, help the immortal hordes see the light. Damsel is currently about 75% complete; you can try it out for yourself by downloading the demo here.