Nioh reveals DLC and free update plans

Posted on February 21, 2017

A recent livestream by Koei Tecmo has revealed the post release content plans for their critically acclaimed action role-playing game, Nioh.

The stream has outlined 2 free updates arriving shortly and 3 pieces of DLC that will be available for purchase as soon as April.

The first free update is arriving in late March and is bringing with it a set of ‘high-difficulty missions’ that will test even the most deadly of┬ásamurai. The second free update arrives in late April and brings with it some exciting player v player (PvP) goodness. Praise the sun!

nioh 2

As for DLC plans we don’t know all that much just yet. Information about the 2nd and 3rd DLC is still unknown and we don’t have any prices or more specific details. Although we do know that the first piece of downloadable content will also arrive in late April, bringing new weapons, scenarios, characters, guardian spirits, Yokai and stages into the game. This first piece of DLC will be called ‘Dragon of Tohoku’, the second will be called ‘Japan’s Best Warrior’ and the third ‘Peaceful and Tranquil’.

Hold tight for further details Nioh fans. It is clear that the publishers and developers want to continue supporting this game, which is fantastic news.