Stardew Valley coming to the Nintendo Switch with a multiplayer update

Posted on March 1, 2017

2 days to go baby! With Nintendo bringing more than 60 indie games to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo have highlighted some of the games that are in development in a Nindies Showcase video, which you can watch here.

One of those games is Stardew Valley, which is one of the most charming indie games to come out of last year, and my favourite of the year.

Nintendo confirmed the version of Stardew Valley coming to the Switch will have multiplayer, and that the Switch will be the first console to come with that cooperative feature. The announcement comes just one day after the one-year anniversary of Stardew Valleys release.

Stardew Valley joins a number of indie titles coming to the Switch including Shakedown Hawaii, War Groove, Pocket Rumble and more, all to be released this year. Many of the titles will be timed-exclusives for the console, meaning they’ll be available to play first on the Switch.