Far Cry 5 has been teased with new location

Posted on May 23, 2017

Released by Ubisoft earlier today, the first teaser trailer for upcoming open-world action game Far Cry 5 has been dropped, with the setting being revealed as idyllic ‘Hope Country’, Montana.

The 42-second clip is linked below, and shows sequences of disturbing beauty. First, a lush forest valley where a human scream pierces the calm, disturbing a flock of birds. Next, a flowing river with a body floating by, followed by a man sprinting through a grassy field, cutting to black at the sound of a single gunshot. The teaser closes with a sweeping shot of a church where a choir sings “Amazing Grace”, whilst a man smashes another’s head against the church bell. All in all, a violent and jarring juxtaposition to the gorgeous scenery.

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5 with the game’s logo on Twitter earlier this month. The game is set for release sometime before April 2018, and the full announcement trailer is coming this Friday, May 26.