Street Fighter V Season 2’s newest character revealed

Posted on May 10, 2017

Joining Akuma and Kolin in the Street Fighter V (SF V) season 2 character releases is The Young Commander Ed. The character was first introduced into the Street Fighter world as a non playable character in SF IV,  and then introduced again in Super Street Fighter IV. Ed joins the fray in SF V with his boxing prowess and ability to use Psycho Power, passed onto him from M.Bison.

Street Fighter Ed

Ed’s combination of attacks are somewhat unique to the game, with button combinations  and inputs being less traditional than other characters. Pressing combinations of buttons together, and holding down buttons, engages Ed’s moves. Whilst this process isn’t uncommon to other characters, Ed’s move-set is unique because his entire move list consists of these combinations exclusively.

Ed’s abilities include:

  • Psycho Snatcher
  • V-Skill
  • Psycho Cannon
  • V-Trigger
  • Psycho Barrage

Ed’s release adds two bonus costume changes: the white sleeveless hoodie ‘Story Costume’, and an M.Bison look alike ‘Battle Costume’.  Ed is available in the game now if you have a Season 2 Pass. Capcom have yet to reveal 3 more characters for Season 2. Are you ready to battle with Ed?