E3 2017: Absolver brings its own take on the famous Drunken Fist

Posted on June 14, 2017

As a kid I loved Kung-Fu movies and I still remember watching Jackie Chan in The Drunken Master at a friend’s house. The style, actually called Zui Quan, has its roots all the way back to Daoist and Shaolin monks and has become a well known technique worldwide for its imitation of a drunkard while delivering devastating blows.

As Absolver (from developer Sloclap) gets closer to its release, we are being introduced to some of the fighting styles that we will learn out in the world from both enemies and masters. The first style, Stagger, may look a little familiar to any fans of those old Jackie Chan films.

The new style will focus on unpredictable movement to throw off your opponent but heavy hits from unforeseeable angles. The special ability for this fighting style is stagger, but we’re yet to learn what that might mean. It could be a reference to the always moving nature of your character making your stance harder to predict.

Stagger joins the already revealed starting styles, Forsaken, Kahlt and Windfall, but unlike these you will need to either study under a master of Stagger or learn moves by fighting enemies using them against you.

Absolver is due out on August 29th and it can’t come soon enough, bringing a great gameplay mechanic and beautiful visuals. I know for sure that I’ll be mixing some Stagger moves into my Kahlt style build. Be sure to check out the full trailer for the Stagger style below and check out our look at the combat overview.