Gwent to host live-stream update

Posted on June 11, 2017

CD Project Red have announced a live-stream to show off upcoming updates to Gwent.  The announcement is a bit of a surprise amidst the letter they released recently stating that they were being threatened with extortion. 

CD Projekt Red haven’t directly outlined what’s going to be covered off during the live-stream, however, fans on reddit have expressed their interest in hearing about some much needed updates to the game. There are many well known bugs at the moment causing a lot of players grief. One bug that fans have spoken about that really needs attention is the  bug causing unnecessarily high CPU usage during gameplay on PC.

For us Australians, CD Projekt Red will be live at 8pm AEST on the 12th of June. I’m personally looking forward to hearing about the upcoming changes and updates planned for Gwent. If like me you’re eager to hear about the updates planned for Gwent, you can tune in to the live-stream here!