Strange Brigade gameplay footage emerges

Posted on June 22, 2017

New gameplay footage has emerged of the recently announced Strange Brigade. The footage shows the game being played on an Xbox One and reveals a great deal of detail regarding what’s to be expected from this game. We follow a player as he progresses through several fights against relatively strong foes as he collects gold. As the player moves through the game he uncovers different tricks and ways to fight off waves of what look to be Egyptian zombies.

A feature I took a liking to, seen in  the gameplay footage, was the different trigger points you can engage and use on the map which help you strategically fight down the waves of enemies dramatically making their way towards you. The surrounding environment is filled with nooks and crannies to explore. The environment seems to also be designed to create traps and puzzle based scenarios for you to play through, all whilst trying to manage the ongoing waves of zombies attacking you. Having to shoot hieroglyphs in a certain order to unlock a treasure cave is a fine touch, in my opinion.

The gameplay footage reveals enough to entice any fan of third person shooter games, but it also introduces a combination of details throughout the game adding to the challenge, theme and feel of of its progression. Magic mummies, with an Indiana Jones meets 1930’s movie spin is one hell of an approach to a game too!

For many shoot and loot fans, this trailer brings a refreshing point of view to the genre.  The 14 minutes of footage also shows  a variety of weapons and different monsters whose attack patterns contribute to what I believe will be a popular game on release.  Details regarding the release date for the game has yet to emerge but updates are expected to come from the official Strange Brigade website.

Strange Brigade