Absolver wants you to bring a knife to a fist fight

Posted on July 21, 2017

If you haven’t heard me say it yet let me reiterate, I am full speed ahead on the hype train for Absolver from Sloclap. If you’ve not heard about it yet it is a martial arts focused role-playing game with co-op and competitive battles and a gorgeous art direction.

The combat system already looks like it will be heaps of fun to master and get our heads around, with different styles of combat but also the ability to create your own style from the bits and pieces that you learn. Add to that the new Tension Shards and things go to a whole new level. Using the Tension Shards you will be able to build up power and either unleash powerful magic or ‘unfold’ a weapon.

Mid-fight in Absolver

Powers range from a self heal, sapping your enemies stamina and what looks like some kind of shock wave. However if you’d rather spend your energy on summoning a weapon you’ll be able to conjure a sword or fighting gauntlets, but previous art has shown bō staffs and daggers as well. Summoning a weapon mid fight works to your advantage as your entire combat style will shift and your enemy will have to forget everything they’ve observed you do so far. Don’t rely too much on that weapon though as a your enemy can hit you with a “flurry of targeted blows” to disarm you and take your weapon for themselves.

Absolver is due to release on PC and PS4 on August 29th and nothing can slow down the hype train that I have bought first class tickets for. You can see the trailer for the new skills below and be sure to check out their website.