The Agents of Mayhem want to set the Firing Squad on evil

Posted on July 19, 2017

With a month until the multi platform release of Agents of Mayhem developer Volition want us to meet the Firing Squad — just one of the many party compositions they join the likes of previously announced match up teams, Franchise Force and Bombshells.

While you’ll be able to pick and choose who ever makes up your three person team Volition have been introducing characters to us a few weeks apart in pre made trios. This gives future players a feel for how they will play and how important it will be to have variety on your team.

But who are the members of the morally flexible Firing Squad?

Firing Squad member

The origins of this Middle Eastern assassin are shrouded in mystery. And she prefers it that way. Her backstories are numerous–and one of them may even be true. But the only member of MAYHEM with insight into this woman’s past is another secretkeeper: Persephone Brimstone.

Firing Squad member

The son of a Japanese business man, Senichi shamed his family by entering the world of organized crime. But when he discovered that the Boss of his family was taking orders from LEGION, he brought down the organization from within. When MAYHEM ran across him taking on a Yakuza army all by himself–and winning–Persephone had to have the man on their side.

Firing Squad member

Gang life was a walk in the park compared to taking on LEGION, but Pierce doesn’t sweat any of it. This man took on Persephone’s forces on Devil’s Night. Not only did he manage to push them back and defend his turf, he impressed the Big Miss P herself.

Agents of Mayhem set to release in Australia on the 18th of August and we’ve got one more trio to meet which will include, Daisy, the Roller derby gatling gun beauty that I can’t wait to play as. Be sure to read up on the full team on the Agents of Mayhem website and see the Firing Squad trailer below.