Doomfist officially playable now in Overwatch

Posted on July 28, 2017

After becoming available in the Public Test Region at the start of the month, Doomfist is now available for all Overwatch players on PS4, Xbox One and PC as of now, Blizzard have revealed on Twitter.

The included trailer shows off his abilities in action, including his Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut and his Ultimate, Meteor Strike. With his hand cannon, he could become quite popular with close-range shotgun fans. He is arguably one of the most anticipated characters to join Overwatch as a hero, partly due to the hype surrounding the possibility of Terry Crews voicing the character that didn’t actually come to light in the end.


You can see the full list of his abilities and character information at the official website.. Have you given Doomfist a go yet? Will he become one of your go-to offense characters?