For Honor (finally) getting dedicated servers

Posted on July 28, 2017

After some incredibly iffy peer-to-peer online hosting that has plagued the game since its release back in February, Ubisoft have revealed that dedicated servers are finally on the way for hack ‘n’ slash game For Honor.

Along with the migration to dedicated servers, balancing and stability improvements, two new seasons have also been revealed to be taking place with Season 3 from August – November 2017, and then Season 4 from November 2017 – February 2018, with plenty of new content on the way, including tournaments, game modes, new heroes, new maps and much more.

Despite the issues with matchmaking and persistent lag, Ubisoft have been very diligent in supporting For Honor with lots of new content since launch, giving players plenty of reasons to keep battling their foes in intense duels. Dedicated servers could be just enough to bring players back into the fold who had left due to the problems (which seemed even more prevalent for Australian gamers, due to our particularly fantastic internet speeds).

The full plans for the road ahead, including everything that’s already taken place since launch, can be seen in the infographic below.

For Honor Roadmap

We loved For Honor in our review when it launched, but even back then stated: “The biggest problem For Honor has right now is the range of connection problems when trying to find a stable game. Ubisoft has opted with a peer-to-peer networking system, which causes around 50% of my matches to either lose connection before they begin, drop out and throw you back to the menu screen half-way through a match, or simply replace most of the players with AI controlled bots. It’s at a point almost two weeks after release where my mates and I actually cheer when a match manages to connect up properly and last the distance, which for a fully-priced final release is pretty bloody poor.”

Dedicated servers should rectify this issues, but more than five months after launch, is it too little, too late?