Are you The Next Gamer on reality TV?

Posted on July 31, 2017

League of Legends by developer Riot Games is definitely the ruler when it comes to online MOBA’s (Massive Online Battle Arena). Ask most gamers if they know of the game or have played it and you’d be hard pressed to find one who hasn’t. With a dominating presence in the eSports arena on a global stage, it’s finally beginning to see traction here at home in Australia. And what better way to capture both our new found love of eSports and our trusted love of TV than to combine the two with the creation on a new reality TV series called The Next Gamer?

Placed in a house in Sydney, this is where the competition really heats up with the top 10 unable to rely on skill alone to see them across the finish line. The final 10 players will be given a range of mental and physical tasks in addition to their in-game requirements to test their merits and we the eSport loving public can tune in to watch. But what’s the incentive?

They will battle it out for $10,000 in prize money and a 6 month contract with one of Australia’s best League of Legends teams the LG Dire Wolves, whom we ourselves were lucky enough to have a chat with last year at PAX AUS.

Rules for The Next Gamer

So if you think you have what it takes to be a professional gamer, then this is your chance! The show will be broadcast on YouTube (no indications as of yet if it will see prime time network allocation or not) however applications for the show opened today and can be found online here. To apply you will need to supply a few things however:

  • Your preferred League position
  • Links to all your social media accounts
  • Any previous competitive experience you’ve had
  • A video application (we assume this is to prove you have the media chops)
  • Your current League of Legends rank

Successful shortlisted applicants must be available for an online qualifier from August 11th – 15th, the application states. “Finalists must be available August 19 – September 6 to join us at The Next Gamer.” Could it be you?