Good luck to anyone wanting to play Overwatch right now

Posted on August 9, 2017

As we reported last week, the Overwatch summer games are back . Players old and new were keen to play during this event, grab a new skin and play some revamped Lucioball. What players weren’t expecting though were server issues not allowing them to connect to the game at all.

As of 8:38am AEST, I am in a queue of 100,000 people before I can get in, and have been waiting for an hour. Even when players make it to the end of the queue, the game refuses to connect and spits you to the back of the line, which is usually longer.

Ovewatch queue is nasty

PS4 players seem to be copping the most of it, with most PC players being able to log straight in, and Xbox One players now able to log in (after experiencing much smaller queues).

Blizzard Customer Support have addressed that they are still working on the issues via a tweet, two hours after the issues first started.

There is no known time when this is expected to be fixed; keep your eyes peeled on the @BlizzardCs and @PlayOverwatch for updates, and keep your fingers crossed!