Sydney to play host to The Overwatch Summer Games 2017

Posted on August 2, 2017

If you ended up missing the 2016 Summer Games (the very first Overwatch event) then you’re in luck this month because the games are returning!

The Overwatch team are bringing back the Olympic Games themed event and whilst last year’s event was based out of Rio, this time Australia is getting some love with Sydney playing host to the event on a brand new map (I wonder if they realise it’s actually winter down here?).

Overwatch Summer Games in Sydney

The event kicks off on August 9th and runs until August 29th, giving players plenty of time to re-experience (or experience for the first time like me) Overwatch’s first event mode, Lucioball, which is returning with a few changes including a competitive mode and the aforementioned map.

Along with Lucioball players will be able to purchase last year’s cosmetic items, as well as new ones too (I’m hoping for another Junkrat skin).

New 2017 Summer Games Cosmetic Items will cost the following:
• Legendary Skins will cost 3,000 credits
• Epic Skins will cost 750 credits
• Rare tier will cost 225 credits
• Common tier will cost 75 credits

Previous Summer Games cosmetics will be available at a reduced cost:

• Legendary Skins will cost 1,000 credits
• Epic Skins will cost 250 credits
• Rare tier will cost 75 credits
• Common tier will cost 25 credits

Overwatch is constantly growing, and with the addition of the 25th hero Doomfist very recently, I can’t wait to see what comes next. Still don’t know much about Overwatch? Why not read our review here.