Same sex romances confirmed for upcoming RPG Greedfall

Posted on August 16, 2017

French developer Spiders, known for The Technomancer amongst other games, has revealed that their upcoming RPG Greedfall will in fact contain same sex romances.

The question of whether the game will have same sex romance was posed to the developers on the Focus Home Interactive forums, and a developer replied pretty quickly with this response:

Same sex romance confirmed for Greedfall

This has caused some pretty big excitement amongst the gayming community, particularly because The Technomancer is one of the only games in recent history (or all gaming history for that matter) to contain cinematic scenes of gay romance. Being able to woo NPC’s of the same gender in a 3D, cinematic RPG is something that has been almost exclusively found in BioWare games. So to see it become a recurring feature in another developers wheelhouse is most certainly a good thing.

For those who don’t remember or never witnessed The Technomancer’s gay romance scenes, it looked a little something like this.

The Technomancer gay romance

Whilst The Technomancer had male to male romance options, it didn’t include female to female options, simply because the game’s protagonist was locked as a man. Greedfall in this regard manages to go one step further by allowing players to choose their gender and engage in whatever romantic pursuits they like (well… mostly).

For those who haven’t been following Greedfall, the game is a fantasy RPG set in a world inspired by 17th Century Europe. You explore a remote island alongside settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters. As you explore you uncover the chaos of the world you inhabit that includes political feuds, invading forces, and supernatural beings.

Greedfall is set to arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime within 2018