Nintendo aren’t quite done with the NES Classic

Posted on September 13, 2017

After the woes of availability of the NES Classic, fans will be excited to hear they are getting another chance to get their hands on this miniature hit of nostalgia. Today Nintendo have announced in Japan, the US and Europe that not only will the NES Classic be going back into production but the SNES Classic, which was slated to finish production this year, will be continuing production into 2018.

The NES Classic originally launched in November 2016 and was discontinued earlier this year to the disappointment of fans who hadn’t been fast enough to get their hands on one. Unfortunately it then took on an unprecedented mark up by eBay re-sellers praying on classic gaming fans.

The announcement was made last night by Nintendo Europe on twitter, as of yet we’ve not seen any such announcement for Australia but odds are it will come here too.

The SNES Classic is still due to release at the end of this month and fans are eagerly awaiting, even after some of the pre-order debacles they’ve had to endure. Will you be picking up the SNES Classic or the re-release of the NES Classic? What game are you most excited to get your hands on?