Pokkén Tournament DX special outfit codes

Posted on September 25, 2017

If you’ve been enjoying Pokkén Tournament DX as much as I have since it’s re-release on the Nintendo Switch, then you’ll be happy to hear about the Pokkén Tournament DX special outfit codes. It seems like Nintendo have every intention of supporting their budding Pokkén community to its fullest this time round.

Whilst there’s no denying that most players were wanting this support in the form of newly released Pokkén fighters, it’s good to see support nonetheless. So while it’s not a fighter, it is however some new fashion items for you to kit your trainer out in. And after all, aren’t we all just trying to look our best as we battle our way through the Ferrum League?

It is time to expand your wardrobe! What are these new fashion items we’re being gifted with you ask? Well for the more hardcore trainers out there, there’s a leather jacket to spice up your look.

Pokkén Tournament DX leather jacket set

And for the more dedicated trainers there’s  a Decidueye T-Shirt set, which also happens to unlock every other Pokémons own T-Shirt as well.

Pokkén Tournament DX Decidueye T-Shirt set

To use the Pokkén Tournament DX special outfit codes simply press the X button whilst your on the map screen to get to your menu and select the “Special Code” option.

The codes for the leather jackets as seen above are:



The codes for the Decidueye shirt as seen above are:



It’s great to see Nintendo supporting this game so early on and I can only hope it’s a sign of things to come. To keep up with all the latest Pokkén news head over to the Nintendo Pokkén website here. Otherwise keep checking in with us at Checkpoint and remember to log in now and grab your Pokkén Tournament DX special outfits today!