Definitive SNES collectors book has your Christmas sorted

Posted on September 24, 2017

You have your SNES Classic pre-ordered, or your partner does, or your friend does. What else could you or they need? Well, Hagen’s Alley is planning on publishing a massive definitive edition of  “The complete SNES: Collectors book and ultimate guide”. It’s 600+ pages, covering games both well known and unique, plus contributions from well known writers.

With the obvious popularity of Nintendo’s classic consoles, the SNES Classic due to be available in 2018 and news that the NES classic is coming back for a rematch, the collectors book is looking tempting as a coffee table addition.

The SNES Classic Mini

The book is authored by Jeffery Wittenhagen who is a retro collector and gamer. He is mostly known for the award winning ‘Hidden Treasures’ and Kickstarter funded smash hit ‘The Complete NES’.  As such, the SNES sequel managed to raise 34k via Kickstarter and is currently sold out. So being published as a definitive edition is probably good timing.

Unfortunately there is no release date currently, but keep an eye on Hagen’s Alley Books  and your Birthday/Christmas present shopping could be made one item easier.