Australia & New Zealand roll out with dedicated Wargaming servers

Posted on October 19, 2017

Ask any gamer from ‘The Land Down Under’ or ‘The Long White Cloud’ who loves online gaming what they wish their favourite games had. I will bet you good money they respond with local server support. From MMORPGs to online shooters, the lag we experience in our favourite games can be excruciating. But rejoice, Wargaming has your back!

The World of Tanks developer this week announced that its worldwide hit would be offering its sizeable audience in Australia and New Zealand their very own server support. In a move to increase gameplay amongst existing players, and reignite the fires in the bellies of lapsed players of the team-based massively multiplayer online action game.

Wargaming Australia New Zealand Country Manager, Travis Plane, is excited to bring better ping and stronger connectivity to our lives.

“Tankers can now storm the battlefield, roll in guns blazing and ambush their opponents’ quicker, making team combat more intense, fun and enjoyable.”

“A local server is the number one request from our community and we are finally rolling them out on November 1, from 6pm – 12am AEDT. It’s a long time coming but we hope that our players and the community can see that we’re truly committed to investing in Australia and New Zealand.”

“As our player numbers grow and the matchmaking continues to improve, we plan to widen these hours and are aiming for a full-time local server in 2018,” said Travis.

To celebrate the launch of the local ANZ server, Wargaming are hosting Australian and New Zealand player gatherings in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. The Auckland player party will be held on Friday 20 October, the Melbourne player party on Thursday 26 October at PAX Aus and the Sydney player party, on Wednesday 1 November.

You can see the ridiculous but charming announcement trailer below and find more details on the launch events, the new servers or even download the game over at their official website.