Die in Dumb Virtual Ways at PAX Aus this year

Posted on October 11, 2017

Five years ago Melbournians were introduced to a brand new advertising campaign for Metro Trains. The Dumb Ways to Die campaign was a cute, colourful and gory jingle about safety around the Melbourne Train system. It had a simplistic art style with a catchy song and it became a viral sensation with 155 millions views and being awarded hundreds of prestigious advertising awards.

The team behind the now beloved campaign followed this up with two addictive and successful mobile games. Dumb Ways to Die and Dumb Ways to Die 2 offered simplistic fun and sadistic violence for your failures. Hitting the #1 spot on the App Store charts in 20 different countries with over 280 million downloads, Dumb Ways to Die is a fantastic home grown success story.

Well hold onto your internal organs as the Dumb Ways to Die team bring us a brand new experience for PAX Aus 2017. DumbVR brings the adorable and gory world into the realm of 3D in a virtual reality experience. Playable on the main floor at booth number 1550, the team will also have their previously successful titles running to try out as well as some fun swag.

Dumb Ways to Die image

If you’ve been checking out the PAX AUS panel schedule you may have noticed as well that the team will also be hosting their own panel discussion with Dumb Ways To Die: Safety Announcement to Gaming Franchise where they will talk about how the campaign came to life, how humour can convey a serious social issue and much more.

Thankfully after the Dumb Ways to Die panel wraps up it’s just a quick hop skip and jump over to see our very own Luke and Rachel on the Changing the Narrative: Representation in Gaming panel at 7:30 on the Friday night. If you don’t have your PAX AUS 2017 tickets don’t worry, 3 Day Passes have sold out but there are still plenty of day passes.