Get your mitts on Destiny 2’s Spicy Ramen at PAX Aus

Posted on October 24, 2017

Even if you don’t play Destiny 2 you may have heard about the game’s Spicy Ramen. Say the words to a friend who plays and there is a good chance their faces will light up like it’s Christmas. Fan favourite character of the Destiny franchise, Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion, has made it no secret that he adores Spicy Ramen. From lines of dialog about his favourite Ramen shop being destroyed to the Exotic Emote that sees your Guardian preparing and then gobbling down a bowl of the cuisine. Spicy Ramen has most certainly made its way into the Destiny world.

Well if you’re heading to PAX Australia and you’ve got a taste for ramen then Activision has you covered. In partnership with modern Izakaya and Sake Bar, Akachochin, PAX Aus attendees will get a chance to try out three different ramen dishes that fuel the Guardians of the Tower.

The Destiny 2 x Akachochin pop-up celebrates Cayde-6’s devotion to Spicy Ramen to deliver a fun, one-off dining experience for Destiny 2 fans and PAX Aus visitors. The menu will include three different options based off our three favourite Guardians of The Vanguard.

  • Cayde 7’s Spicy Ramen “in all its glory” (this is the spiciest)
  • Zavala Ramen with Miso broth
  • Ikora Rey Ramen with Soy broth

You’ll find this exciting Pop-Up Ramen Bar on the ‘The Common Lawn’ at the Melbourne Convention Centre and it will run the full length of PAX Aus or until they sell out, so get in fast as it’s first in first served. You can pick up some Ramen on your way to check out Destiny 2’s other exciting event, all about puppies!

If you don’t have your tickets to the expo yet then don’t worry there are still some available, but you’ll need to move fast.