League of Legends massive World Championship has begun

Posted on October 6, 2017

The League of Legends World Championship or ‘Worlds’ has kicked off with the best players from around the globe competing for the massive $2.25 million prize pool (with extra money from skin sales that will grow that prize pool further). Worlds is a yearly eSports event that sees the very best League of Legends players battle it out for glory. Whilst Worlds may not have the biggest prize pool in eSports (that accolade goes to Dota 2’s The International), it most certainly wins it out for the most viewers eagerly watching to see if their favourites win.

League of Legends is the biggest game in the world. It has the most players and the biggest competitive scene which we will see in full force this year. The event will be held in China with 24 teams competing for the coveted Summoner’s Cup. Unfortunately no teams made the cut who represent Australia, but many other regions of the world will be there to battle it out. The 24 teams can be seen below.

Worlds 2017 teams

For those who want to stream the event you can view it through League’s official channels on Twitch or Youtube. Or head to their website to see current standings, schedule and more information.

What team are you cheering for?

Worlds 2017 Arena