Overwatch’s Halloween Terror has returned to scare things up!

Posted on October 12, 2017

October is here and that means Halloween events! Yes my favourite time of year for video games and the real world. Earlier we brought you some information about the return of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, well now we have the full run down with the event line up and all the skins you’ll be able to unlock. With Halloween Terror now live there is a mixture of 50-plus new items for you to unlock as well as returning ones from last year for those of you of like me who missed out on a few that you may have really wanted.

For now though we will focus on the new player skins, (shown below). It’s great to see Mei getting some love again but I have to say my personal favourites are Zarya’s Totally 80’s outfit and Zenyatta’s Cultist look. If you have a favourite feel free to let us know in the comments.

Along with the above skins there’s also the return of one of my favourite events, Junkenstein’s Revenge. This was a co-op event from last year where players take on waves of AI-controlled enemies in a Horde-style mode. This year however they’ve decided to spice things up with a new endless wave option being available, an accompanying leaderboard is also available to track who can hack it in Junkenstein’s Castle and make it through the most waves.

These new cosmetic items are only available for the duration of the Halloween Terror event, so get playing. Though presumably they’ll return again next year as is the way with game events. Halloween Terror is active now through till November 2, so for a full run down of what’s on offer in Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event head on over to their website.