The Adventure Pals brings giraffe riding to Nintendo Switch

Posted on November 29, 2017

It’s no lie that we here at Checkpoint are quite fond of The Adventure Pals, so when we heard that the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch as well as PS4, Xbox One and PC, we got out our confetti blasters ready to celebrate!

If you haven’t yet heard us rave about this adorable 2D co-op platformer by indie developer Massive Monster, then here’s your chance. Late last year Massive Monster ran an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over £22,000 to bring their dreams of a story of love, giraffes & hotdogs together.

Adventure Pals gamepaly

And bring it together they did. Showcased at this year’s PAX Aus, The Adventure Pals is a quirky game about friendship involving a small boy and the crazy adventures he goes on with his giraffe unicorn and pet rock. Exploring his childhood, the boy must go on an epic quest to rescue his papa from being turned into a hot dog.

A completely normal adventure right? What’s not to love here?

The Nintendo Switch has had an amazing first year with content, both Triple A and Nindie. And in my personal opinion it’s the indie titles that have truly shined on the Switch in its first year. There’s no denying that this is Nintendo’s best console to date for smaller development teams getting their games into the hands of eager players.

Slated for an early 2018 release, The Adventure Pals looks to be another solid addition to the Switch gaming line-up, and is on my hit-list of games to get already. Until then, for updates on The Adventure Pals and its 2018 release check back in with us here at Checkpoint or over at The Adventure Pals website here.