Nekojishi, a gay furry dating sim has launched free on Steam

Posted on November 19, 2017

You know what games we don’t get enough of? Gay furry dating sims. Well thankfully Nekojishi has come along to plug that gaping hole in the market.

The game has launched on Steam and tells the story of a college boy who is suddenly able to see three feline spirits.

“Ever dreamed about having furry beast men hanging around with you? What if they are gods in your childhood bedtime stories? This visual novel gives you a chance to play a young man whose dream has come true, but also gets him deeply involved in the consequences” – reads the game’s description.

Nekojishi screenshot 1

Nekojishi screenshot 2

Nekojishi screenshot 3

Nekojishi screenshot 4

The version of the game available on Steam is slightly censored so if you want the full sexually explicit version you’re best off heading to the game’s website.

There is also an English language version available when you launch the game.